Training on Immunization Practice Strategies (T.I.P.S.)

TAPI, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization Program, presents free trainings that improve immunization practices in public and private providers’ offices. Participants receive valuable information on immunization friendly office practices, vaccine handling, state requirements, how to give shots and the state immunization registry.


Session 1: Why Vaccines are Important: Protecting Herd Immunity, June 10, 2020


Session 2: Vaccine Basics and Understanding the ACIP Schedule, June 24, 2020


Session 3: Protecting the Cold Chain And Preparing for Patients, July 8, 2020


Session 4: Empowering Patients and Administering Vaccines, July 22, 2020

Resources Shared in Session

More Resources for Vaccine Administration 

More Resources for Educating and Empowering Patients 


Session 5: Best Practices for Immunization Delivery in Arizona, August 5, 2020

Interact with TAPI

Powerful message from @MeaslesRubella Initiative stakeholder and friend @gavi !

A new book on a prominent misinformation campaign targeting the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine has profound insights into current vaccine debates, such as those emerging around a potential COVID-19 immunization. via @doritmi

Wondering what the difference is between COVID-19 and flu? Check out this resource from @famfightflu!

#immunizePA #FluFighter

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Stay home if you are sick

Avoid close contact with
sick people and wear a mask

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Clean and disinfect

Stay up to date on your vaccinations