Training on Immunization Practice Strategies (TIPS)

Overcoming Barriers to Immunization and Vaccine Hesitancy

TAPI, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization Program, presents free trainings that improve immunization practices in public and private providers’ offices. Participants receive valuable information on immunization friendly office practices, vaccine handling, state requirements, how to give shots and the state immunization registry.


This free training is aligned with the updated ACIP recommendations and proven best practices. This year TIPS training will focus on community immunity and its effects on overall population health.
Participants will be able to understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate learning objectives to improve vaccine outcomes for infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

Who should attend this free training:

  1. Vaccine coordinators from provider offices that want to improve vaccine delivery systems and reduce vaccine wastage;
  2. Those who train/orient new staff; and
  3. Those who administer vaccines

This is a great opportunity for employees to develop professional networks and gain valuable evidence based training in these areas. This training will assist offices aiming to reach the 90% threshold for their immunization assessment to get hands-on application. Medical Assistants, Nurses and any essential personnel involved with vaccine delivery in your practice may also attend, including Physicians and Nurse Practitioners!

Interested in receiving advanced notices on 2020 TIPS? Click this link and sign up to receive advanced notices for our 2020 summer schedule. For questions regarding T.I.P.S., please contact 602-288-7568.

2019 T.I.P.S. Schedule (closed) – 2020 schedule may vary

(Included Complimentary breakfast and lunch)

2019 Location of Training’s Training Dates Registration Link Below 
Kingman May 22  registration link click
Phoenix Southwest June 13  registration link click
Phoenix Northeast July 15  registration link click
Flagstaff July 23  registration link click
Payson July 24  registration link click
Prescott July 25  registration link click
Tucson August 13  registration link click
Yuma  (3:30-8:30pm) September 24  registration link click
2019 Banner T.I.P.S. Locations  ***Banner Employees Only
Banner Thunderbird May 29  Banner registration link click here
Banner Desert June 19  Banner registration link click here
Banner Del E. Webb July 29  Banner registration link click here
Banner Desert (second training) Aug 7  Banner registration link click here
Banner Tucson Aug 14  Banner registration link click here

Interact with TAPI

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Avoid touching your eyes,
nose or mouth

Avoid close contact with
sick people