Training on Immunization Practice Strategies (TIPS)

Overcoming Barriers to Immunization and Vaccine Hesitancy

TAPI, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization Program, presents free trainings that improve immunization practices in public and private providers’ offices. Participants receive valuable information on immunization friendly office practices, vaccine handling, state requirements, how to give shots and the state immunization registry.


As we strive to facilitate social distancing and keeping our community safe during COVID19, we have had to cancel in person TIPS training for medical assistants and vaccine coordinators. However, we have created a FREE five-session online training to take the place of our live trainings. Online TIPS is aligned with the updated ACIP recommendations and proven best practices and will provide the same up to date, evidence-based training.

Participants will be able to attend live online sessions, with qualified experts during lunch hours (12:00pm to 1:00pm). We will cover five important vaccine-related topics in five separate sections.

Who should attend this free training:

  1. Vaccine coordinators from provider offices that want to improve vaccine delivery systems and reduce vaccine wastage;
  2. Those who train/orient new staff; and
  3. Those who administer vaccines

Vaccine Coordinators are often asked important vaccine questions from parents, have to stay up to date on recommends and  manage vaccines in the office.  It takes a team! Make sure everyone is prepared and register today! Please note that you must register individually for each module.



Name of the Training


Registration Link
Why Vaccines are Important:
Protecting Herd Immunity, June 10 


Vaccine Basics and Understanding
the ACIP Schedule, June 24



Protecting the Cold Chain
And Preparing for Patients

July 8 Click to Register

Empowering Patients and
Administering Vaccines

July 22 Click to Register

Best Practices for Immunization
Delivery in Arizona

August 5 Click to Register

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Avoid touching your eyes,
nose or mouth

Avoid close contact with
sick people