There have been many stories in the news about vaccines and sometimes it’s hard to tell the facts. We have provided resources for you to print and read to answer a variety of questions that we know parents are concerned about. The CDC has a variety of information about vaccine safety which you can find here. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia also has put together great parent resources in their vaccine education center answering questions about vaccine safety including a Parents PACK (Possessing, Accessing and Communicating Knowledge about vaccines) which you will find here.

We encourage you to take a look at both of these websites for some excellent information regarding vaccines and safety. If you are not able to find answers to your concerns feel free to submit a question to our panel of physician experts.

You can learn more about the Vaccine Education Center (VEC) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) provides a look at each vaccine and the disease it prevents.

Download printable vaccine resources:


English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

The Facts About
Childhood Vaccines

vaccines-fact-smallEnglish (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

in Vaccines

aluminum_in_vaccines-smallEnglish (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

and Autism

autism-smallEnglish (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

Too Many Vaccines?
What you should know


English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

and Adults


English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

Vaccines and
Your Baby


English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

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This week’s #COVID19 dashboard update adds 3,675 cases and 36 deaths.

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Stay home if you are sick

Avoid close contact with
sick people and wear a mask

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Clean and disinfect

Stay up to date on your vaccinations