ASIIS  – Arizona State Immunization Information System

ASIIS – Arizona State Immunization Information System

ASIIS is an electronic registry that houses children’s immunization records. This system is helpful for doctors, parents and also child care providers. Not only does in enable you to see if your kiddos are up to date for the state child care requirements, assist you in completely your yearly IDR’s it also can assist you quickly in the vase of a vaccine preventable outbreak at your center/school. Keeping track of immunizations is healthy for our children, the child care center and our community.

Getting started with ASIIS is as easy as 1, 2, 3….


ASIIS is free to enroll. Go to ADHS-ASIIS or call 602-364-3899 (toll free 877-491-5741) and get started today!


ASIIS is easy to use. The system is web based so you can access it from any computer that has an internet connection. It has been storing children’s immunization records since 1998 (and now even has adult records!). ASIIS also has a Help Desk available to you if you need additional assistance. It is a great tool.


As each child receives an immunization from his or her healthcare provider, that information is entered into ASIIS. When you then log into ASIIS, you can pull a report that lists the immunizations for each of your students. This report can be used for the required immunization information for your files, to help complete the Immunization Data Reports (IDR’s) or even during an outbreak. It is easy to get started!

You can begin the enrollment process right now by filling out the appropriate forms on the ADHS ASIIS site.  Once you have completed the enrollment paperwork, and have access to ASIIS, you will be able to access vaccine records for the children in the system that are in your centers.

How can parents help?

  • Ask your doctor or clinic to keep your child’s ASIIS record up to date.
  • Ask your doctor to report missing immunizations to ASIIS.


ASIIS – Arizona State Immunization Information System

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