Save the Date! April 19, 2023

The 2023 Best Practices and Brightest Stars Awards Reception will be in person on April 19, 2023.

The ceremony will honor those who have done great work to keep our communities safe from preventable disease by celebrating individuals, organizations and practices who have improved immunization rates in Arizona.

This celebration will recognize:

1. Dr. Daniel T. Cloud Toddler and Teen Award Winners

2. Big Shots of Arizona Award Winners


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Big Shots for Arizona Winners

Buck Shot Award Winners

Arizona Complete Health

Throughout the pandemic, AzCH/Care 1st has demonstrated tireless leadership to promote, support and take innovative actions to provide vaccinations to individuals across the state of Arizona. These efforts have included grassroot approaches to meet hard-to-reach populations, and participate, sponsor and/or lead state, regional and community efforts. In addition, AzCH/Care 1st pivoted efforts throughout the company to provide immediate, relevant support to communities throughout the state. This also included community giving resources to many non-profits and strategic & community partners to address COVID-19 related pandemic issues.


Banner Health

Banner Health teams deployed COVID-19 vaccine administration across multiple sites in all areas they serve. Depending on the community, these mass vaccination sites ranged from those able to administer over 2,000 COVID-19 vaccines a day, to those focusing on 200 vaccines a day. Banner’s leadership continuously adapted to CDC changes, PPE supply, recommendations for vaccine populations, weather emergencies, supply disruption, and the ongoing public health emergency. Throughout this work, Banner Health partnered with community leaders, public health staff, emergency management resources, national guard, FEMA, HHS, Amazon team members, and volunteers from the community.


Joe Leyba & Ashlie Temple, Albertsons Pharmacy

From the beginning of the pandemic, the team at Albertsons Pharmacy, led by Joe Leyba and Ashlie Temple, were engaged and responsive to planning with public health. They worked closely with the communications and information technology groups to make finding and registering for COVID-19 vaccines easy. Remarkable commitment has been shown to Maricopa County schools by staffing on-site events in coordination with Maricopa County Department of Public Health, schools, and districts to vaccinate school staff, students and the communities’ surrounding schools. With more than 400 events and another 48 scheduled, Albertsons Pharmacy has administered over 67,000 vaccines in the schools. Many of the events they organized were recognized as events hosted by schools or other partners, but none would have been possible without the clinical expertise provided by Albertsons, Joe and Ashlie.


Laurie Dalton, Gila Health Resources

Laurie Dalton from Gila Health Resources ensured proper immunization forms were used and made sure there was plenty for use/handout. She worked over the weekends to assist with ASIIS and vaccinations, and oversaw all GHR clinics for COVID-19 related matters while on call 24/7. Laurie assisted with drive-thru vaccinations and vaccine clinics in which she would coordinate administration of several hundred vaccines in a day in a rural community. She also personally continues to train others on the safe administration of vaccines.


Miriam Galindo, Yuma County Public Health Services

Miriam has shown extraordinary dedication to those living and working in Yuma County. When people could not get to her, she brought vaccines to them. Under Miriam’s leadership, COVID-19 vaccines were offered to agricultural workers at hours they were available (even if it was the middle of the night), children were caught up on vaccines at school-based PODs, and people were offered the opportunity to be vaccinated at community events. Miriam also collaborated with other community organizations to make sure Yuma County Adult Probation, Juvenile Court, Sheriff’s Office, Customs and Border Patrol and fire and police departments from across Yuma County had access to COVID-19 Vaccines.


San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation

SCAHC’s team motto is “for you, for me, for all.” This approach of meeting community members where they are, has produced stellar outcomes, including 91% of San Carlos Apache Tribe members receiving at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, and 58% fully vaccinated. Their work is community-driven and community-centered. This includes providing on-going education via multi-media efforts, including a social media campaign featuring prominent community members. Marketing was also done through the radio in the Apache language, as well as during Tribal Council meetings. They have hosted back-to-school vaccination events, where children who attend the event are provided with a backpack and school supplies. The San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation (SCAHC) team’s COVID-19 vaccination response has been remarkably well-planned, thoughtful, and centered around equity.


Tracy Montgomery, City of Surprise

Tracy Montgomery has put her skills in communication, coordination, and logistics to the test during this pandemic and come out a hero. Tracy joined the City of Surprise in November 2018 as the Emergency Manager and was appointed Acting Deputy City Manager in October 2021. Tracy managed logistics at the very important Banner Del-Webb POD, which went live on December 21, 2020. It was finally de-activated on March 18, 2021, after giving an impressive 60,000 COVID vaccines. As part of her work, Tracy needed to coordinate between fire and medical personnel, Banner employees, law enforcement personnel, and volunteers. She even once saved all the vaccines when a hailstorm threatened to shut down their POD!


Volunteer Educators from TAPI’s Community Education Initiative

TAPI received many requests for COVID-19 vaccine information for specific organizations including hard-to-reach populations and non-English speakers. A program was developed to match expert volunteer educators with organizations and communities, to share accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine so people could make decisions with confidence. TAPI’s volunteer educators are a diverse group of practicing and retired doctors, medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and public health experts who stepped in to help over 100 organizations tackle vaccine hesitancy. The program thrived with the tenacity of Laura Strickland and Nicholine Gilliland, the program leads from FrameShift Group. They worked tirelessly to recruit and support educators from all around the state, which included remote communities, to provide COVID-19 education to schools, seniors, churches, essential workers, refugees and other organizations. TAPI would like to thank all of the volunteers who gave their time and special thanks to Laura and Nicholine for making it happen! We specifically recognize those who provided education to many events during this initiative: Haya Al Any, Dr. Arlet Alarcon, Marilyn Klingler, Dr. Melani Gomez Luna, Dr. Rachel Lusk, Jane Ramenofsky Stewart, Jane Stein and Beth Trachy.


Wendy Orm, MD, Centurion

Wendy Orm, MD is the Regional Medical Director for Centurion Healthcare, which provides healthcare services to the 10 state prisons in Arizona. Throughout her work with Centurion, she has shown remarkable dedication to Arizona’s incarcerated population. Dr. Orm helped develop and implement strategies and initiatives to get the inmate population vaccinated. The current population in the prison system is 26,165 and 20,711 have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 under her leadership.

Hot Shot Award Winners

Adelante Healthcare – Surprise

Adelante is a healthcare facility in Surprise that offers OBGYN, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Care Today. They have integrated vaccination into all branches of their healthcare “tree”. Adelante Surprise has hosted large vaccination drives for their patients and other members of the community. They were able to vaccinate over 600 people at their COVID-19 vaccine event and impressively offered all three COVID-19 vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J. Every person who walks into Adelante Healthcare Surprise can receive any vaccine they like!


Jhoana Molina, Maricopa County Public Health

Jhoana has been leading the Maricopa County Building Bridges to Health Network since its development after the 2009 flu pandemic. Her commitment and passion has fostered relationships with agencies dedicated to underserved communities, so that they were ready when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Through Jhoana’s engagement, the collaboration is a trusted resource and partner for many individuals and communities most impacted by vaccine preventable diseases.



The CARES Team is a unit within MCDPH that was created during the COVID response to provide a sole source of information to community members. The team focuses on hard-to-reach populations, the elderly, and the underserved. The team supports community members who experience low vaccination rates, low child immunization rates, who lack adequate access to preventive health care due to financial reasons, disabilities, location, language barriers, or transportation challenges. From March 2021 through February 2022, the CARES team made 22,472 immunization appointments at the free-of-charge MCDPH clinics, as well as scheduling COVID-19 vaccine appointments for senior citizens, homebound, foreign language speakers, and the underserved. The CARES Team “Community Outreach” program promotes MCDPH vaccination and testing events to members of the community by reaching out to businesses, apartment complexes, schools, community centers, and other groups who agree to share information about events that are in their locality.


Melissa Sanchez, Adelante Healthcare

Melissa Sanchez is a Vaccine Coordinator at Adelante Healthcare who has taken on management of both Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines. She has created an organized process that includes ordering, inventory, administrative duties, compliance and following the guidelines for VFC/VFA. She has created tools and provided training to all the Medical Assistants to help them be efficient and successful in their vaccine administration process. With the constant changes and guidance from the CDC, she always manages to communicate to the team, stay on top of her role and adjust to the changes.


Pima County Health Department

Through video competitions, daily blogs, mobile clinics and extensive outreach partnerships, Pima County is truly embedded in their community. Their COVID-19 vaccine team is at nearly every health fair and fun community event answering questions and administering vaccines, leading to some of the highest coverage in the state. A Pima County resident recently said – “’I love my county health department!’ is something most people don’t usually say, I’ll bet. But it’s true! Thanks for working to keep us safe and heathy!”


Pleasant Pediatrics

Pleasant Pediatrics is a pediatric practice that was motivated to use their expertise in navigating the vaccine system in order to serve everyone in the community. Because of this motivation, they were one of the first medical offices in Maricopa County to register to receive the new COVID-19 vaccines. Pleasant Pediatrics held their first clinic on January 26, 2021, but that was far from their last! In total, they have given over 110,000 COVID-19 vaccines by opening clinics at all 6 of their locations, sharing their expertise with other providers, working 7 days a week for several months, and even calling former staff to come back to help!


Regional Center for Border Health, First Things First & Mohave County Department of Public Health

Prior to the first reports of COVID-19, Mohave County and First Things First had been working together to eliminate barriers to receiving life-saving childhood vaccines. Concerns about further disruption from closing clinics due to COVID-19, prompted them to partner with Regional Center for Border Health and local partners to host, promote and provide childhood vaccines in several underserved and non-traditional locations.


Sun Life Health Center

Sun Life Health has been at the forefront of healthcare during the pandemic. During the challenging times of COVID-19, Sun Life has not only served its communities, but has led the charge to vaccinate early and often. Since March 2020 Sun Life Health has completed 19,409 COVID tests, fully vaccinated 16,869 adults, 381 kids aged 5-11 at peds clinic, and given 5,119 boosters. The numbers of vaccines given shows the hard work and dedication of those who work at Sun Life, especially the COVID-19 vaccine team led by Dr. Bessie Burk, Director of Medical Services. The Sun Life Health vaccine team has displayed a dedication to the healthcare of the communities we serve.


Sun Life Health Center for Children, Medical Assistants

Sunlife Center for Children has shown their long-term commitment to vaccinating the community. Sunlife has received the Cloud Award every year since 2014. This year, Sunlife Center for Children qualified for the Teen Cloud Award, having over 98% of their adolescent patients up-to-date with their vaccines. Even with the increased challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunlife’s Medical Assistants went above and beyond to make sure they captured any missed opportunities to vaccinate their patients, and account for vaccines to minimize waste.


The CORE Institute

The CORE Institute is an orthopedic, spine and neurology practice with 19 locations throughout the Valley. When the COVID-19 vaccine became available, The CORE Institute decided to help protect their employees, families, and their entire community. Because many CORE locations are near senior populations, they especially needed protection that the new COVID-19 vaccine could provide, so CORE began to offer vaccination clinics for community members. During the period of February 2021 through July 2021, The CORE Institute vaccinated 2,858 members of their staff, patients and community.

Hot Shot Innovation Carole Joyce Award Winners

Coconino County Health and Human Services

Being the second largest county in the United States, Coconino County had a lot of territory to cover to get COVID-19 vaccine out to the community. Using an innovative mapping approach, they were able to identify areas where vaccine was located and where people had more than a 20-minute drive to reach it. The mapping system allows Coconino County to determine where public health clinics are most beneficial and are able to guide partners to underserved locations without access to vaccine.


Jocelyn Guillen, Cholla Medical Group

Jocelyn Guillen has shown commendable dedication to protecting Arizona’s vulnerable elderly populations from COVID-19. As the Project Manager for Clinical Operations for Cholla Medical Group, Inc., Jocelyn has played a major role in the office-based implementation and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccines to long term care facilities for the Seniors Project. Jocelyn has also taken charge of improvements in data analytics and helped develop new standards for streamlining the group’s work with geriatric populations. She has also been training staff and making sure vaccines get into arms and do not go to waste!


Navajo Health Foundation Sage Memorial Hospital

Sage Memorial Hospital has created a dynamic team including Medical Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and RNs to track and recall kids who need immunizations. They have improved the implementation of vaccine strategies using tried-and-true methods but go one step further using ASIIS and the New Mexico Immunization Registry to track records. They also carefully track expiration dates to minimize waste and make sure inventory gets into ASIIS and updated records get to both states!


Valleywise Health, Quality Management Department

A department that is often overlooked when recognizing immunization efforts is the Quality Management Department. Valleywise’s Quality Management teams help the clinics meet or exceed goals they have been given for accountability. One highlight of their fantastic work includes working together with vaccine coordinators to create a report that is used to assist with reconciliation of vaccines for both Vaccines for Children and Vaccines for Adults programs. Without their dedicated work in creating this report, practices would still have to rely on paper documentation. This team has worked closely with each of their thirteen sites to account for all vaccines, which in turn helps with keeping their reconciliation on track.

Hot Shot Andie Denious Award Winners

Eladio Pereira, MD, Mariposa Community Health Center

Dr. Pereira has touched and enriched the lives of members of his community and organization. His affable nature, clear insight and guiding vision has garnered the respect and admiration of staff and the community alike. Dr. Pereira understood how vital the COVID-19 vaccine was and devoted countless hours to establishing a campaign to vaccinate Santa Cruz County. Dr. Pereira conducted Facebook Live sessions, radio interviews, and met with individuals and local businesses to advocate and answer questions to decrease vaccination hesitancy. He led daily huddles at the POD to reduce fear, provided daily updates and answered questions that inspired and encouraged everyone to persevere through the challenging times. There are simply not enough words to describe Dr. Pereira’s impact on the community throughout the pandemic.


Rebecca Nevedale FrameShift Group

In conjunction with Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Rebecca Nevedale worked tirelessly with school districts, charter, and private school leadership, the MCDPH nurses and liaisons, and many private pharmacy partners to coordinate COVID-19 vaccination events for teachers, staff, and students. MCDPH partnered in 585 events, with many multi-day efforts across Maricopa County. Rebecca is a great communicator who personally ran 474 of these events! She became an important face of vaccination in Maricopa County. Although Rebecca is not an RN, Andie would have been proud of all she’s done to get vaccines in arms.

Long Shot Award Winner

Debbie McCune Davis

Debbie spent a long career protecting Arizonan’s health through both her work in the legislature and supporting TAPI’s immunization mission. The Big Shots for Arizona and Daniel T. Cloud, Outstanding Practice Awards are both due to Debbie’s efforts advocating for recognition of all the hard work it takes to keep kids up to date on vaccinations. We are fortunate that her idea of retirement is to join state and national advocacy committees and organizations to continue to help TAPI promote good public health policy and best immunization policy.

Spot Shot Award Winners

Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Sean Elliott, MD

AzAAP saw a need to regularly update AzAAP members about COVID-19 infections and vaccines. They responded by creating a regular half hour webinar series with a recognized pediatric infectious disease specialist. The Training Center sponsors ID Talk, a biweekly podcast series answering questions about COVID-19 and vaccines to provide real-time support to AzAAP members as they care for patients and families. There have been 42 podcasts since July 2020 with Dr. Sean Elliott, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Tucson Medical Center. Arizona physicians have been better able to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and immunization efforts by listening in.


Edmond Baker, MD Equality Care Center

Dr. Baker is an OBGYN who has dedicated himself to serving the community and addressing healthcare disparities. When the pandemic began, Dr. Baker coordinated with the Equality Health Foundation to ensure that there were testing sites in low-income communities that served all, regardless of insurance status. When the vaccine became available, these testing sites were converted to vaccination sites and carried forward that same commitment to equity and access. Dr. Baker also dedicated his time to educating the community about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.


Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to tribal communities and families. Throughout the pandemic, the Council has provided accurate and engaging social media messaging aimed at public health measures and the prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases. Their messages have been empowering and forthright. They have been an example of how to graciously discuss hot-button topics to make a difference in people’s health.


Partners for Healthy Students; Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center

Partners for Healthy Students is a school-based and mobile clinic program from Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center. It was started in 1999 to provide NO COST healthcare to uninsured and underinsured school children and their siblings, ages 2 months-18 years. When the pandemic began and healthcare was disrupted, the mobile clinic team decided to stay open all summer to offer routine immunizations and school physicals. Despite 100% turnover of staff, the Partners have continued to be a valuable vaccine resource in Yavapai County!


Valleywise Community Health Center – West Maryvale

In addition to high vaccine compliance with staff and high percentages of teens and toddlers vaccinated in the practice, Valleywise Community Health continues to innovate and get the message of vaccination out into the media. From giving a flu shot to a reporter on live TV, to creating educational videos in Spanish, Valleywise has continued to be a leader and ambassador when it comes to vaccinations.

Top Shot Award Winner

Palo Verde Generating Station & Arizona Public Service

Palo Verde Generating Station (Nuclear Power) and Arizona Public Service recognized the need to maintain a strong, critical infrastructure through reliable clean energy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In coordination with MCDPH, TAPI, and ADHS, actions were taken to designate Palo Verde Generating Station as a POD location to provide critical vaccinations to all employees and contractors who impact generations and interact with the public. Palo Verde and APS completed the POD in four operating days, getting over 950 employees and contractors fully vaccinated. APS and Palo Verde Health Services departments continue to provide health and wellness programs including immunizations.

Up Shot Award Winners

Lieutenant Abigail Petrulis Pima Indian Medical Center

LT Petrulis is a clinical pharmacist who has exceptional skills especially considering the short time she has been a pharmacist (3 years). In the past 1.5 years she’s been instrumental in the immunization successes at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC). She’s advocated for immunizations, held Ask-Me-Anything Townhalls about vaccines, and led the development and implementation of several vaccine clinical expansions. Her effective strategies for planning community events, color-coding and creating best practices for COVID-19 vaccines, outreach efforts using auto-dialer calls, walk-up events, and collaborations for vaccination events in remote and rural areas with the IHS Public Health Nurses, have made her stand out as a stellar vaccine advocate.


Call’s Community Pharmacy

Call’s Community Pharmacy operates out of Snowflake, Arizona. From the beginning of the pandemic, they were dedicated to helping Snowflake-area residents stay safe. Call’s Community Pharmacy is the only facility in the area that had an ultra-cold freezer in order to handle the first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Call’s was able to give 12,000 COVID-19 vaccines to the surrounding community, offer all three COVID-19 vaccines, and travel to run outside clinics. Through all this, they have continued to offer all other vaccines as well!


Sateesh Ananthu, Bethany Home Discount Pharmacy

Bethany Home Discount Pharmacy dedicated themselves to helping those who could not access the mass vaccination sites. Because of concern for those without a computer or internet to register, the pharmacy offered COVID-19 vaccines without requiring an online appointment. Bethany’s commitment to access also led them to run vaccine clinics outside the pharmacy in order to reach vulnerable populations such as those living in assisted living facilities, unhoused populations, those in substance recovery programs, and seniors. They continue to offer vaccines to everyone including the undocumented and refugee populations.


STAR Centers, Stand Together and Recover

The STAR Centers serve members who live with mental health conditions and are attending a recovery program. Due to their success with serving at-risk populations, they were asked by the Maricopa County Public Health Department to become a POD (Point of Distribution) to administer COVID-19 vaccines. As a walk-in clinic, they are proud of the personal touch that they provide to each and every person who walks through their doors. They spend time one-on-one addressing vaccine concerns, immunizing walk-ins and even arranging rides home once patients have received their vaccinations.


Valleywise Community Health Center – South Central

The Valleywise South Central Clinic experienced a lot of staff turnover, just like everyone else did this year. However, they knew that they needed to prioritize the management of vaccines to keep up their rates and minimize waste. This was no small task, especially with the added burden of running COVID-19 clinics, but they managed to do it. Great job, Valleywise South Central Clinic, for getting over the finish line with those vaccine logistics in a large clinic!

Dr. Daniel T. Cloud Toddler and Teen Award Winners

First Time Toddler Cloud Award

Adelante Healthcare Goodyear

Canton Pediatrics, PC

Children’s Clinic

Mountain Park Atkinson Clinic

Mountain Park Christown Clinic

MVP Kids Care – Laveen

Primary Care and Pediatrics


Repeat Toddler Cloud Award

Adelante Healthcare – West Phoenix

Adelante Healthcare Buckeye

Adelante Healthcare Central Phoenix

Adelante Healthcare Mesa

Adelante Healthcare Surprise

Adelante Healthcare Wickenburg

AZKidsDoc Pediatrics

Banner Children’s Banner Health Clinic

Banner University Medical Group Cholla Pediatrics

BUMG Children’s Multi-Specialty Center

BUMT North Hills Pediatrics

Cigna CJ Harris

Cigna Health Care – Westridge

Cigna Medical Group Stapley

Cigna South Mountain

Cigna Medical Group Chandler

LeChee Health Facility

Mesquite Pediatrics

Mountain Park Baseline

Mountain Park Gateway Clinic

Mountain Park Goodyear

Mountain Park Maryvale

Mountain Park Tempe Clinic

MVP Kids Care – Avondale

MVP Kids Care – Phoenix

Paloma Pediatrics

Pediatric MultiCare West

Pinal County Public Health – San Tan Valley

Southeast El Rio

Southwest Pediatrics

Sunset Community Health Center North Yuma

Sunset Community Health Center-San Luis

Sunset Health Somerton

Tuscany Children Clinic Yuma

Valleywise Community Health Center – Avondale

Valleywise Health Community Health Center – West Maryvale


Toddler Catch-Up Cloud Award

Hopi Health Care Center


Honorable Mention Toddler Cloud Award

Cigna Paradise Valley

North Country HealthCare – Winslow

Sunset Health Wellton Clinic

First Time Teen Cloud Award

Canton Pediatrics, PC

Primary Care and Pediatrics

Sage Memorial Hospital


Repeat Teen Cloud Award

Adelante Healthcare – West Phoenix

Adelante Healthcare Buckeye

Adelante Healthcare Central Phoenix

Adelante Healthcare Gila Bend

Adelante Healthcare Mesa

Adelante Healthcare Wickenburg

BUMG Children’s Multi-Specialty Center

Cigna CJ Harris

Cigna Health Care – Westridge

Cigna Medical Group Chandler

Cigna Medical Group Stapley

Cigna Paradise Valley

Cigna South Mountain

Desert Shores Pediatrics – Chandler

Desert Shores Pediatrics – Gilbert

La Paz County Health Department

North Country HealthCare – Winslow

Paloma Pediatrics

Sun Life Center for Children

Sunset Community Health Center North Yuma

Sunset Community Health Center-San Luis

Sunset Health Somerton

Tuscany Children Clinic, Yuma AZ

Valleywise Community Health Center – Avondale

Valleywise Health – South Central Community Health Center

Valleywise Health Community Health Center – West Maryvale


Teen Catch-Up Cloud Award

Adelante Healthcare Goodyear

BUMT North Hills Pediatrics

Hopi Health Care Center

Mesquite Pediatrics

Southeast El Rio

Southwest Pediatrics

Valleywise Health Chandler Clinic

 – The Arizona Partnership for Immunization


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