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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

CDC Main Page – link here

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Arizona Hepatitis A Outbreak

ADHS website resources – click here
Dr. Cara Christ, Director’s Blog – click here
Local Health Resources – click here


2019-2020 Influenza Resources –¬†click here

ADHS Influenza update Рclick here
CDC Influenza update Рclick here

Resources for Physicians and Providers:

  • OB/GYN Tdap¬†and Influenza Referral Letter Resource – download¬†¬†Word Doc | PDF Doc


ADHS Press Release- Potential Measles Exposure – Link here
ADHS updated measles¬†website –¬†Read More
Public Information office ADHS webpage –¬†Link here
CDC ¬†measles website¬†–Read More

Measles Resources for Physicians and Providers:

  • Measles Sign – Think It Might Be Measles¬†¬†¬†English|¬†Spanish
  • Measles Screening Tool Update 2_4_15¬†–¬†click here
  • ADHS Measles Clinician¬†Fact Sheet –¬†click here
  • MCDPH Measles Clinician Fact Sheet 2_5_15¬†–¬†click here
  • ADHS Measles Surveillance Toolkit for Providers –¬†click here

Information to provide to your patients and the community:

  • Measles CDC Infographic¬†– link here
  • Measles Education Flyer –Measles
  • TAPI Infographic – ¬†link here


Pertussis in the U.S. – Read More

  • Arizona continues to monitor pertussis cases. For more AZ information click here.

Resources for Physicians and Providers:

  • OB/GYN Tdap¬†and Influenza Referral Letter Resource – download¬†¬†Word Doc | PDF Doc

 Arizona Partners Against Pertussis Campaign (APAP) Р In 2012 we had one infant death in Arizona. Arizona Partners Against Pertussis (APAP) was a statewide campaign created to work together to reduce pertussis exposure to patients. Our first big campaign in 2012-2013 resulted in over 2,000 healthcare workers pledging to keep their patients safe by immunizing themselves against pertussis. Our education grand rounds reached over 2,255 health care workers. If you are interested in more information regarding grand rounds please contact us. Your support of this initiative is crucial. All healthcare personnel and staff are asked to get immunized against pertussis to decrease the spread of this contagious, yet preventable disease. If you are interested in APAP education materials please contact TapiAdmin@tapi.org.


Zika Virus (pronounced Zee-Ku)

  • is a virus that is spread through mosquito bites – the same Aedes mosquitoes that can spread dengue and chikungunya.
  • is a risk to anyone traveling to a region of the world where Zika virus is found

Principle symptoms are:

  • fever
  • rash
  • joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis (red eyes)

Resources for Physicians and Providers:


Enterovirus D68

Information for health care providers about Enterovirus D68 – CDC link


Ebola 2018 Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bikoro

Up to date CDC Ebola information¬†–¬†Read More

The CDC also has wonderful resources for health care providers. Click this link to access their information.

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Cover your nose and mouth
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Wash your hands often

Avoid touching your eyes,
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Avoid close contact with
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