Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

CDC Main Page – link here
ADHS Main Page – link here

2020-2021 Influenza Resources 

Arizona Hepatitis A Outbreak

Resources for Physicians and Providers:

  • OB/GYN Tdap¬†and Influenza Referral Letter Resource – download¬†¬†Word Doc | PDF Doc


  • ADHS Press Release- Potential Measles Exposure – Link here
  • ADHS updated measles¬†website –¬†Read More
  • Public Information office ADHS webpage –¬†Link here
  • CDC ¬†measles website¬†–Read More

Measles Resources for Physicians and Providers:

  • Measles Sign – Think It Might Be Measles¬†¬†¬†English|¬†Spanish
  • Measles Screening Tool Update 2_4_15¬†–¬†click here
  • ADHS Measles Clinician¬†Fact Sheet –¬†click here
  • MCDPH Measles Clinician Fact Sheet 2_5_15¬†–¬†click here
  • ADHS Measles Surveillance Toolkit for Providers –¬†click here

Information to provide to your patients and the community:

Ebola 2018 Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bikoro

  • Up to date CDC Ebola information¬†–¬†Read More
  • Arizona (ADHS) Ebola update¬†click here

Zika Virus (pronounced Zee-Ku)

Enterovirus D68

  • Information for health care providers about Enterovirus D68 – CDC link


  • Pertussis in the U.S. – Read More
  • Arizona continues to monitor pertussis cases. For more AZ information click here.
  • OB/GYN Tdap¬†and Influenza Referral Letter Resource – download¬†¬†Word Doc | PDF Doc

The CDC also has wonderful resources for health care providers. Click this link to access their information.

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Thanksgiving usually means sharing food and fun with family and friends. But this year, we need to modify some traditions to avoid an uninvited guest - COVID19 - so mask up, wash up, stay apart. You're best bet is to celebrate at home or online.

Five weeks ago, just over 6,100 COVID-19 cases were reported in Arizona. Last week, almost 18,000 cases of #COVID19 were reported. This is a 194% increase. You are safer at home. Assess your risk each time you leave your home.

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Stay home if you are sick

Avoid close contact with
sick people and wear a mask

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Clean and disinfect

Stay up to date on your vaccinations