Where to Go For Your Shots

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Keeping up to date with vaccines is very important but please also remember that it is important that you and your child have regular health checkups too! During those visits, talk to your doctor about which vaccines are recommended for you and for all family members. If your child does not have health insurance, there are resources available either in your doctor’s office or at one of the locations listed below.

Vaccines for Children

Where can you go to get your child’s immunizations?

This is a common question we hear in the community.  Make the best choice for your child based on his or her healthcare insurance.

  • Established Family Practice doctor
  • Community Health Center (accepts insurance and sliding scale)
  • Walk-In Immunization Clinic (see below for links to state-wide resources)
  • Local pharmacy – based off of a doctor referral for certain vaccines
  • Pediatrix – offices in Phoenix area, taking all Medicaid plans (ask about getting vaccines for uninsured kids).


If your child is without insurance or the insurance does not cover vaccines, there are free clinics state-wide where your child can receive immunizations.

  • Arizona State-Wide Clinic Resources – for a list of state-wide immunization clinics from Arizona 211 directory list, click here.
  • Maricopa County Immunization Clinics – for a list of immunization clinics specific to Maricopa County, click here.
  • Dignity Health – Chandler Regional’s Community Outreach Immunization Program – for a list of clinic dates and times, click here.
  • City of Phoenix Fire Department Baby Shots/Vaccinations Program – for a list of immunizations offered and more details as to where clinics are located around the Valley, click here.

Vaccines for Adults

The best route to stay up-to-date on your adult vaccines is to visit your doctor or health care provider. If you do not have a doctor, there are a few options to receive vaccines. Please read each option below to find a fit for you.


1. Primary Care Provider

If you are looking for a particular vaccine, we suggest you call and ask the questions below. Don’t forget to ask if you are up-to-date on your immunizations each time you have a yearly physical.

  • Does your provider carry the vaccine?
  • If not, can your provider order the vaccine?
  • Can a script be written so you can pick it up at a pharmacy?
  • Is the vaccine covered by insurance?


2. Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers accept most insurance and also offer the uninsured a sliding scale for services provided. Adults can receive immunizations and also general medical treatment. Click here for a list of Community Health Centers.


3. Walk-In Care Clinics

Vaccines are available at most locations. We do suggest that you call prior. Many are open 7 days a week and accept insurance. Questions to consider:

  • Is your vaccine covered by insurance?
  • Do they carry the vaccine you need?


4. Immunization Clinic

Clinics are held state-wide in various locations. Call or go to the website to locate a clinic near you. You can also walk in to their main site. Click here for a list of state-wide locations.


5. Your Local Pharmacy

Many pharmacies now are able to administer vaccines, like the flu vaccine and Tdap, to adults. Questions to consider prior to going to the local pharmacy for a vaccine are:

  • Does your pharmacy give the vaccine you need?
  • If you have insurance, does your insurance cover a vaccine administered specifically at a pharmacy?
  • Does your insurance cover the cost of the vaccine?
  • If you are uninsured, how much does the vaccine cost?

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Stay home if you are sick

Avoid close contact with
sick people and wear a mask

Cover your nose and mouth
when you sneeze

Wash your hands often

Clean and disinfect

Stay up to date on your vaccinations