Free Resource Materials for Providers

Below you will find various vaccine education materials available for download at your convenience. If you are with a provider’s office or a community organization in Arizona and would like immunization resources for your office, you may order materials and have them sent directly to you.

Our material cost is supported by our general budget so we ask that you contact us at 602-288-7568 if you would like to order a quantity of over  200. Orders larger than 500 may need financial assistance from the organization ordering the materials. If you are interested in co-branding and/or more customized items and supporting TAPI’s printing cost, please contact us.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS – Please use the Add To Cart button.  Our materials are per item. Please place the number you are requesting in the cart (if you would like 50 postcards, place 50 in the Quantity Box). Then proceed to checkout. Double check the total number you ordered and update your mailing information. If you have questions, please email

Thank You!

Vaccine Schedules

Is your child protected-300Bilingual Flyer Add to Cart

7-18 year old-300Bilingual Flyer Add to Cart

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Flu Resources

Cold Or Flu-300Bilingual Flyer Add to Cart

Bilingual Flyer

Update coming soon!

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Teen Vaccine Resources

Protect Me with 3-1 300Bilingual FlyerAdd to Cart

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Take Control 300English FlyerAdd to Cart

vaccinate graduate 300English FlyerAdd to Cart

Off To College 300English FlyerAdd to Cart

Pregnancy and Vaccines

Pertussis-Flyer 300aBilingual FlyerAdd to Cart

Growth Chart Maricopa 300English Flyer

Email if interested in printed flyer. 

Em_Im_300Bilingual FlyerAdd to Cart

Vaccine Conversations

Vaccinate or Not English 6300English FlyerAdd to Cart

Vaccinate Spanish 300Spanish Flyer Add to Cart

Men 300English FlyerAdd to Cart

Vaccine-Awareness-Initiative-300English Flyer

English Flyer

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Reminder Recall Postcards

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Adult RR-300English PostcardAdd to Cart

WhyImmunize PC-300English PostcardAdd to Cart

  HPV Oral Health

Oral Health TriFold 300English Flyer

Oral Health Poster 300English Flyer

Limited printed materials for HPV Oral Health currently available. Please reach out to if interested in printed materials. 

ASIIS – AZ State Immunization Information System

ASIIS Enrollment 300English FlyerAdd to Cart

Stickers and Buttons

Flu Sticker

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.18.48 AM

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Flu Button


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Don’t Get Behind Sticker

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